MacBook Pro Justification

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The time are a changin’ and now the reasons for bringing Intel based Macs into an organization are very compelling. I had an opportunity to get new laptops for some of my network engineers and was initially rebuffed by finance when I suggested MacBook Pros. So I have included here an excerpt of the justification document that I sent to them. Keep in mind that I work at a Fortune 500, so some of the reasoning may not apply.


There have been some questions as to what the appropriate laptop standard for a Network Engineer should be. This brief overview aims to answer questions regarding the benefits the new Intel based Macbook Pro laptops afford us.

OS X provides a unix-based platform, which is the underlying architecture for most network devices. With the release of the new Intel based system it gives one access to not only OS X and Unix based tools, but allows for other operating systems to run natively on the system, including Free BSD and Solaris.

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